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This is your A-to-Z guide to building your own e-commerce business from scratch. Bill D’Alessandro utilizes easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations to guide you step-by-step as he shares his expertise and insider tips. Skip the mistakes that most beginners make, and shortcut straight to a well-designed, scalable e-commerce business

Bill Dalessandro– Ecommerce Product To Profit|2.47GB

AmazonThis is your A-to-Z guide to developing your own e-commerce organisation from scratch. Costs D’Alessandro uses easy-to-follow directions and presentations to assist you detailed as he shares his know-how and expert ideas. Avoid the errors that many novices make, and faster way directly to a properly designed, scalable e-commerce organisation. Not just do you get expert ideas from a specialist, Bill has actually likewise consisted of a variety of unique discount rates on software application that all e-commerce services require, plus $100of complimentary marketing on Google Adwords to get you began. Come for the discount rates, remain for the incredible e-commerce understanding!
Module 1
9 Lessons|2h 57 m ones
1. Course Introduction 6m threes
2. What Makes A Good Product For eCommerce? 20 m 41 s
3. Conceptualizing Product Ideas 24 m 13 s
4. Verifying Product Ideas And Competitive Analysis 31 m 47 s
5. How To Find A Manufacturer 21 m nines
6. Scripts For Calling And Emailing Manufacturers/ What Questions To Ask 30 m 13 s
7. Asking For And Evaluating Samples/ Checking Manufacturers References 17 m 25 s
8. Approximating Profitability 11 m 11 s
9. Selecting A Name, Creating Your Brand 14 m 19 s
Module 2
12Lessons|2h 4m 55 s
1. Pieces Of The Puzzle– What Is Required For An eCommerce Store 13 m 13 s
2. Purchasing A Domain 10 m 34 s
3. Establishing Email At Your Domain (Hover) 3m 54 s
4. Get Your Logo Designed For $5 8m 26 s
5. Registering for Shopify 5m 12 s
6. Configuring Your Products 9m 42 s
7. Choosing And Applying A Theme 18 m 39 s
8. Setting Up Collections And Navigation 13 m 44 s
9. Setting Up Store Settings 11 m 36 s
10 Setting Up Payments (Shopify Payments And PayPal) 12 m 26 s
11 Choosing A Shopify Plan 7m 58 s
12 Pointing Your Domain To Shopify 9m 31 s
Module 3
4 Lessons|1h 0m twos
1. Summary Of Self-fulfilled Vs. Outsourced Fulfillment 14 m 42 s
2. Self-fulfillment– Connecting ShipStation 31 m 43 s
3. Outsourced Fulfillment Option A– Connecting Amazon FBA 8m 0s
4. Outsourced Fulfillment Option B– Connecting Shipwire 5m 37 s
Module 4
6 Lessons|2h 17 m 44 s
1. Ways To Build Traffic To Your Store 11 m 25 s
2. The Key Metrics Of Demand Generation 15 m 55 s
3. Establishing Adwords 34 m 48 s
4. What Is “SEO”? How To Setup Your Site To Attract Traffic From Google 16 m 40 s
5. Structure Out Content On Your Site 22 m 33 s
6. Dealing with Influencers To Drive Traffic From Blogs And Social Media 36 m 23 s
Module 5
4 Lessons|59 m 59 s
1. Establishing Google Analytics 8m 59 s
2. Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising 18 m 59 s
3. Evaluating Organic Traffic And Visitor Behavior 21 m 13 s
4. Developing Dashboards To Monitor The Metrics That Matter 10 m 48 s
Module 6
4 Lessons|51 m 42 s
1. What Is Conversion Optimization? AKA “Think Like The Customer” 19 m 53 s
2. Why You Should Offer A Money Back Guarantee 10 m sixes
3. How To Optimize Shipping Costs/Should You Offer Free Shipping? 12 m 26 s
4. Boost Conversion With Trustmarks 9m 17 s
Module 7
8 Lessons|1h 15 m 24 s
1. Intro To Retention Marketing 11 m 28 s
2. Establishing Email Marketing With Klaviyo 8m nines
3. Send Your First Emails and Flows with Klaviyo 7m 42 s
4. Getting Going Checklist-Shopify Notifications and Newsletters 7m 13 s
5. Getting Going Checklist-Shopify Flows 13 m 52 s
6. Getting Going Checklist-Segments and Campaigns 11 m 29 s
7. Getting Going Checklist-Setting up Coupons 5m 55 s
8. How to Set up and Handle Customer Service 9m 36 s
4 Lessons|35 m 34 s
1. Including Functionality To Shopify With Apps 5m eights
2. Setup A Business Phone Number With 13 m 29 s
3. How To Find Stores To Carry Your Product 10 m 54 s
4. How to Expand Your Business With Additional Products 6m 3s

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